SAVHDA OCTOBER 2017 - Our dogs paased!

Matotoland Kennel Wins again 2017 WCFTC BB Trial

A proud time for our kennel
This litter has done magic Dicky Meij Choppie won two Puppy Stakes Back to back. Now Storm Banda and Maxx & Dante Fratti & Stella enter their first two trials WCFTC Hpr trial and WCFTC BB Trial and they place in both! 2017 these pups were whelped in June 2016. Awesome things to come watch this space

Matotoland Kennel Wins again 2017 KZN Field Trial

Dicky Meij with Cleo Wins Maiden Stake at KZN 2017

Dicky & Cleo Comm1 in the Open Stake KZN 2017

Matotoland new Generation Gsp's

These New Generations pups do not stop to amaze me, they are so biddable and natural!
These pups were whelped in 09 June 2016
Keiser growing nicely looking like a well balanced pup

Keiser showing off his swimming skills.

Keiser on point looking great for a young pup

Trigger showing lots of style for a pup of 6 months

Charlie also just a year old!

Matotoland Kennel HPR GSP'S , GSP's bred to hunt in South African conditions and be your best pal.. Duitse Korthaar Pointers geteel in Suid Afrika om jou beste jag buddy te wees. HPR - Hunt Point Retrieve KUSA # 1008160 SAVHDA

New Generation German Shorthairs

Matotoland HPR GSP's Festive Season shoot

 HPR GSP'S, Bred to hunt in South African conditions and be your best pal.. Duitse Korthaar
Pointers geteel in Suid Afrika om jou beste jag maat te wees. HPR - Hunt Point Retrieve 
KUSA # 1008160
 SAVHDA member

GSP German Shorthairs from Matotoland Kennel 2016 HPR Dogs

German Shorthair HPR Dogs natural at the SAVHDA test

Choppie of Matotoland Kennel 2 x Champ HPR GSP

Choppie owned by Dicky Meij has entered 2 Stakes and won both at 7 months Choppie was bred from top American imported bloodlines that have proved themselves all over the world. Charlie Rose from Wildrose German Shorthairs has 60 years of breeding experience behind these dogs and have produced many champions.We blessed to have these genetics in South Africa. These German short-hairs have proved themselves on several continents to be a fantastic hunting buddy and HPR breed. Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's are proud of our dogs!

Dawn of Matotoland Kennel turning into a hunting machine..HPR GSP

Dawn of Matotoland Kennel is turning into a hunting buddy with no limits she adapts well on all terrains  opens up in the mountains hunting grey-wing keeping contact in the Settlers bush. Dawn has proven herself in Limpopo, Western Cape, Stromberg Mountains & Mpumalanga. These New Generation Gsp's can hunt all birds in any terrain true to HPR Breeds they show versatility and depth at a high level on land and water. We thank Charles Rose for great genetics and we pray that our Lord will bless us with health to enjoy nature and our dogs for many years to come.

Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's - HPR Breed Hunting Dogs

These pups where bred from the finest HPR Breeds and working stock in the world.
Imported champion lines from the USA and champion lines in South Africa  HPR Trials in South Africa.Bred in South Africa to hunt in South Africa and be your best pal, ever!